The Source News


Parking Structure

NBBJ has been working with Graelic, LLC to produce an efficient parking layout for the Source project property. Formed in 1982, Graelic provides parking design and consulting services to a wide range of clients, including engineers, property developers, private owners, and municipalities. Currently, the consulting firm has been helping NBBJ to design a parking structure ideally suited for the Source project and forming preliminary estimates of the costs of the structure.

NBBJ Architect Meeting

M+D Properties met with NBBJ Architects to discuss the schedule and elevation designs. M+D Properties recently requested to have presented to them the elevation designs and additional options to implement to the project. Another item discussed was the schedule and consultant coordination. To ensure the project will continue smoothly, M+D has reviewed the schedule with all architects and consultants so all members are on the same page. Along with the schedule, project managers delegated and defined the different roles necessary for each consultant engineer.