The Source News


The Source Plans

M+D Properties met on Wednesday with Consultants to discuss the Source project. Attendees plotted out the specifications of the layout desired for the project, and made plans to assemble a project team. Members of the Source project team are also considering hiring an independent firm to assist and ensure all designs are accurate.

NBBJ & Consultant Meetings

M+D Properties met with NBBJ, Englekirk, and Geotechnologies to discuss parking direction, studies needed to complete geotechnical report, foundation system recommendation, and the project status. The parking structure discussed was 1 level underground parking and over 5 levels above grade parking. Englekirk is handling the structural massing studies and soil reports to determine the most probable and economical foundation system. Various foundation systems were discussed in the meeting, and comparisons and tradeoffs were analyzed. M+D Properties and NBBJ Architects have been diligently working on staying ahead of schedule. Schematic design schedule was a main emphasis during this meeting and the project is moving along as planned.